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Tips On How To Save A Dying Relationship

You’ve reached a point where you feel that it’s enough – learn how to save a dying relationship

You both notice that your relationship is dying, you feel that you want to save your relationship before it’s to late.

Most of the time relationships can be saved, you may not believe me – but it’s true!
If you both have the will to save your relationship!, i definitely believe you’ll succeed!

But before you continue to read, decide if the relationship is worth saving.
Hopefully you decide that it is, so let’s get to the tips shall we!?

Five tips that may help you.
Tips on how to save a dying relationship

1. Locate the problem

Try to locate where the problem is, where did it go wrong?
Instead of focusing at the symptoms, focus at the problem.
If you find the problem, you’ll know what caused the symptoms.
Then you’ll know what you’ll have to work on.

2. Communication

You both have to be honest to each other, sit down and talk about anything that you want to talk about. But you have to listen while your partner is talking, do not interrupt.
Sharing your thoughts is very important!

3. Rebound

Another great tip is to rebound, try to remember what it was that made you fall in love with your partner. Was it her great sense of humor? Was it her beautiful smile that made you thinking of heaven. Sit down and tell each other what it was that made you so attracted to each other.

4. Do something

Why not do something fun together? It’s a perfect way to rebound.
Go on a romantic cruise, take a trip to a romantic place. Whatever you feel like doing.
It’s important to have fun together.

5. Avoid argument

Now when you’re trying to save your relationship, try not to argue.
Even if you know you’re right… just don’t argue. Isn’t it better to just have fun?
Yes i thought so, make love, not war. login
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