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Romantic Evening Ideas That Make A Lasting Impression

What are Some Creative Romantic Evening Ideas?

Looking for ‘Top Gun’ Romantic Evening Ideas? Here are 10 creative and fun Romantic Evening Ideas. Your date will be both thrilled and amazed when you put these ideas into action.

We would all like to be able to quickly dream up romantic evening ideas, original dating ideas, but coming up with those cool unique dating ideas is really tough.

If you are tired of the same old “dinner and a movie” dates, try out these creative dates and ideas and re-ignite your dating life.

Here are ten Romantic Evening Ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Use any or all of them, but make them your own.

1. Have a picnic and watch the sunset together at the beach. Grab a bottle of wine, a blanket and everything you need for a picnic. If you can, personally cook the food for the picnic. Make a small fire, listen to the waves crash against the shore and watch the sunset and later the stars.

2. For an active date, visit some batting cages together. Grab some hot dogs or some hamburgers and have a little picnic on the grass. Take a moonlit walk afterwards. Believe it or not, this is one of our most memorable romantic evening ideas and will be so much fun.

3. Pretend that you have an unlimited funds, spend the evening deciding what you will do with all that money. For example, go to open houses or on a house tour and choose your dream home or get all dressed up and browse through an expensive department store. When you’re through browsing, treat yourselves to a nice dinner at a unique restaurant. You will have a great time!

4. Rent a limo for the night and spend the evening driving around town in high style. Don’t forget the champagne. Stop at a romantic restaurant for dinner, then continue the frisky romance in the limo. This is one of the most expensive romantic evening ideas.

Additional Romantic ideas…

5. Set up a canopy outside with flickering candles and twinkling white lights. Play a customized CD filled with your favorite love songs. Have wine or other drink chilling and a romantic meal prepared. After dinner, dance together under the lights.

6. Create a romantic setting at home. This will take planning and attention to details. Set some time aside (if you live with your date, pick a time when he or she is running a lot of errands) to create a distinct atmosphere of sweet romance. You will want to select the perfect personalized music (pick a variety of songs that you know your date will love), meal, and lighting. Prepare the meal yourself. Cozy and romantic!

7. How about a rose petal bath together? This is one of the most beautiful experiences on the planet. Turn the lights down real low, have the custom-made CD ready, remember the wine or drink and relax with your love. Of all the creative Romantic Evening Ideas, this one is one of the most sensually romantic.

8. Take a horse and carriage ride around your town. Your town will be a thousand times more lovely at night under the stars and the street lights. Visit a local bistro after. What Fun!

9. Stay at a local hotel for the evening. Get there early to set the romantic ambiance. Mood is all important; will it be sensual or carefree. Order dinner and wine in. Dim the lights, light some candles. Remember to bring the special music you’ve previously burned to a CD, and dance together as you look out over the city.

10. One of my favorite Romantic Evening Ideas is built around Strawberries and Champagne. Strawberries and Champagne not only say “romance”, they SHOUT romance. This classy combination is both sensual and romantic. Start by purchasing the plumpest, juiciest strawberries you can find. Then purchase a bottle of fairly expensive champagne. It doesn’t have to be Dom Perignon, but do spend more than a couple of bucks. Arrange the strawberries on a beautiful serving dish, pour the champagne into flutes and enjoy the taste treat delights.

No matter how you choose to implement one of these Romantic Evening Ideas, remember, it’s the details that are important. It’s the little things you do that make the evening romantic; hold the door open, look into his eyes, or walk hand-in-hand. login
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