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11 Rules to Remember While Fighting With Your Spouse

Relationships are made in heaven, but god keep rest on you to take a choice on your relationship, either to keep it as heaven or treat it as you are in hell.

That is why I am sharing the 11 rules of fighting fair with your partner, so that you can keep eraser before the borderline takes it place between both of your heart.

Fight between relationship are good if it find a solution, mostly fight turns into mess when both or anyone of partner try to win or try to become a right to make other wrong.

Mostly the partners try to read each other mind during a fight, which creates wrong illusion-al thoughts among couples. Don’t do that, it is better to ask your partner what they are thinking.

Past is always past, no one can bring it back, neither anyone can change it. So, stay away from past’s problem while fighting on present problems. Remember you are fighting to solve the present problems, not to opening a grave of past’s problem, which is full of bad (smell and) memories. You cannot focus on two problems at the same time.

Keep the fight respectful; Don’t blame each other for any problem. Remember that you are fighting because of the problem, so it is better to find the solution together, rather than fighting on the same problem again.

While fighting keep your point on two or three sentences. In temperament, human are not capable of listening or grasping more than two or three sentences.

Man and woman, together make a complete home. No one is bigger and better than other one. You should remember that it is your partner, who completes you. Give them an honor to solve the problem. Oh yes, if their solution does not sounds good for you, then you can state your point about solution.

Don’t make a guessing questions and answers while fighting. We humans are born to guess negative at the time of worse-temperament. It is better to ask the questions in the simple manner, and while your partner is asking you a questions hear them. It is better to find a problem like this.

If you will make a demand while fighting, there is 100% chance that your partner will deny it. It is better to make a request, don’t hesitate to use the word “Please”. Just try it once; they will fall in love with your “Please.”

Give respect to your partner’s feeling, and their emotions. Don’t tease at them, or make a humor on them. Don’t treat them as they are freak. They love you, that doesn’t mean that you have rights to hurt them whenever, and wherever you want. They only want you to hear them, honor them, and love them. The reason of your fight is only the circumstances of the life.

If you want to leave while fighting, you should have ask them that you need a little break from this problem to solve it in better and easy way for both of you. If you are angry at the time of fighting, it is better to release your anger through writing, running, walking, or through hitting the pillow (Don’t do that in front of them, and don’t show your writing to your partner, please, it will hurt them more).

Last and most essential rule: If you have done a mistake (which was done by mistake, not intentionally to hurt them), accept it, and be responsible to admit it. You close your door while having a sex, so what is wrong to close it again to say SORRY to them. login
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